Links and Resources (ALL BUT 1 LINKS ARE FIXED - ROBOCODE)

Android Info

Ryan Thomas gave us a very informative speech on the open source OS Android. If you are interested in more information Ryan has provided these links for us.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ XBOX/PC/ZUNE Programming

Dr. Cohen spoke about XNA developers kit which can be integrated with Visual Studio to be used to create games for Xbox,PC,Zune. Remember if you are a member of the MSDNAA you can download Visual Studio for FREE!!! Please feel free to email Dr.Susan Strayer to join MSDNAA.

XNA Game Studio Downloads can be integrated with Visual Studio to create games!!
Here are XNA programming slides that you can download:

XNA Game Studio Slides

Here are Dr. Jones links to Artificial Intelligence material:
A.I. Links
And his Main site:

Here are Dustin Allen slides on Java Applet Development as well as accompanying java code:

Java Applet Slides
Java Applet Code

Here are slides on Session Cookie Security:

Session Security Slides

Here are Dr. Pillai's slides on Robocode:

Robocode Slides

Here are the slides used in Josh Martin's presentation on OpenLayers graciously created by Erik Hazzard:

OpenLayers Slides

Here are Dr. Kim's slides on MapReduce:

MapReduce Slides

Here is a link that has a great starting point for programming in XNA Game Studio.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OPEN SOURCE AND OTHER GOODIES

GIMP is an open source photo editing tool similar to Photoshop
OpenOffice is an open source Office Site similar to MS Office
Blender is an open source 3d Modeling tool similar to Maya
Distrowatch is a listing of some of the leading Linux distributions with most of them being FREE!!!
VirtualBox is a nifty tool to virtualize an operating system on top of your current operating system
RoboCode is a fun tank battle game that uses your java programming for it's "intelligence"