Penguin Lab


Penguin Lab @LHU is a Lab that houses servers running various flavors of UNIX. We currently have Fedora, Ubuntu, and MacOS X installations. The Penguin network is a private fire-walled address space within the Lock Haven University campus. This service is available to all students in the Applied Computer Science Program. Requests from students not in the program will have to be approved by a Faculty member.

Akeley 203 and 204 are home to computers that allow users to access services offered by the Penguin Lab. Remote desktop access to the Lab is currently not supported due to security concerns.


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applied computer science program

The lab provides Enterprise Oracle Service, an Android development environment, and applications for advanced Graphics, Parallel computing, and Game development. We also have a 3D printer (MakerBot) available for student projects.

The ACM Club

This club is an official chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, an International Organization of Computer Science Professionals.

More information about this club is at the ACM Club web site.