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This service is restricted to applied computer science students

We ask that you please follow these simple rules:

1.Clean up after yourself.

2.Be considerate of other lab users -- this is a study area.  In consideration of others, do not talk on cell phones in the lab. Please step outside the lab to conduct your phone call.

  1. 3.NO FOOD or BEVERAGES in the computer lab.

  2. 4.Please limit your printing. If you need to print from the Internet and don't know how long a document is, download it to your disk first and check to see how long it is. Those who print excessively will be asked to refrain. After a third infraction, printing privileges may be revoked.

  3. 5.If other students are waiting to use the computer and you are not doing school related work, please let them use the computer.  The primary purpose of the lab is to assist with school-related work.

  4. 6.Do not install or download any software or modify or delete any system files on any lab computers.

  5. 7.Don’t damage, remove, or disconnect any labels, parts, cables, or equipment.

  6. 8.Do not read or modify other users' files.  Do not share your password. You will be held responsible for anything that is done using your login/password.

  7. 9. Do not leave your personal belongings unattended.  The school is not responsible for theft.